Dan & Phil + rainbow colours
Anonymous asked: (1/2)Hey there. I'm back. Do you remember me? I'm the Poet Anon, as late as can be. If you happen to wonder where I went, allow me to take this time to vent. I've been very stressed out and depressed too. I felt like a loser, and didn't know what to do. I still feel this way, and this is where I go - to a world where I'm wanted and a place I can grow. Please do not worry, you make me feel better, writing these rhymes down to the letter.

(2/2)But there’s more to the story, some I can’t say, for this story shouldn’t see the light of day. I’m still trying to move on, still trying to cope, and sometimes I felt like there was no hope. But then I remembered way back when, I’d write these poems again and again. Thank you for bringing me back to the site, and filling my hope again with light. I’ll try my best to stick around, for rhyming is something to which I am bound.

this was beautiful. I hope you go on to be very successful in whatever you do - perhaps poetry, and I hope your life will get better and you’ll feel like the amazing person you are. thank you so much for filling my inbox with these wonderful messages.

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'Made a new friend'


All this man does when he goes abroad is make friends with all the animals. Like no wonder Snow White squeezed his butt, they’re a match made in heaven.

Oh dear Bear


leave it to dan to try and tell a story about his hamster and turn it into a discussion about the meaning of freedom



its endless (pls, do not repost, im tired of this shit)